Who We Are

We are a leading global domain name registrar with a ‘wrap around’ service that manages corporate domain portfolios and protects online trademarks.

We are brand protectors to our valued clients; providing reassurance, security and healthy ongoing relationships that helps us grow with the businesses we love to support.

In a fluid digital age, Safenames protect our client’s brands in a safe and secure framework. We engage, connect, and share knowledge to help deliver our client's online aspirations.


Safenames was founded in by Simon (Sam) McManus in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

We became accredited with our first registry .DK


The International Domain Portal (IDP) was launched, an industry leading platform for domain name management.


Gained ICANN and Verisign accreditations.

Reached the milestone of 50 registry accreditations


250,000 domain names now under our management.

Launched SSL Management services within the IDP


Launched our Brand Protection service – BigYobi, which we now know as MarkProtect

Gained ISO27001 accreditation.


Safenames’ Legal Services team is created


Safenames’ Brand Protection team is created


Acquired SNDC, our Tier 3 Data Centre based in the UK →

Formed our partnership with Cloudflare


First publication with the WTR Magazine - 'The UDRP:a dispute resolution policy to stand the test of time?'


Safenames’ Legal Services team ranks in the Global Top 10 Complainant's Representatives


Safenames files the first ever domain dispute within the .ai namespace

Safenames Legal Services team reach the milestone of filing 500 domain disputes

The Safenames family reaches 80 members globally


Safenames celebrates 20 years of business


Awarded Cloudflare Partner of the Year

Our founder and CEO – Simon (Sam) McManus sadly passed away


Safenames Legal Services department becomes an exclusive contributor for the WTR magazine

Successfully take on our largest ever domain name dispute, retrieving a total of 367 domain names in a single case

Won the DigiCert Sales Growth Award - EMEA


Mission Statement

In a fluid digital age, we enable clients to make their mark on the world. We provide a safe and secure framework within which our client’s brands are protected. We engage, we connect, and we share our knowledge to help deliver our client’s aspirations.

Vision Statement

To be the Number One service provider in protecting and securing digital brands and platforms.

Powerful Tools

Our powerful comprehensive suite of managed web-based tools enables our customers too effectively to protect their domain names, trademarks, and online brand identities across the globe.

We help our customers optimise their portfolios by identifying which domains need to be renewed, redirected, deleted and/or need updated information and are able to: -

  • Reduce expenses on unnecessary domain renewals.
  • Ensure the WHOIS contact information and contact details are correct for all domains in a portfolio.
  • Uncover domains registered outside of corporate policy.
  • Find and fix domains that are not resolving correctly.

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