Domain Management.

A simple and secure platform to control your online assets.

Feature rich, customisable, streamlined.

We make it easy for you to manage your domain name portfolio and online assets. You can utilise your dedicated account manager or the Safenames International Domain Portal (IDP) to register, renew and transfer domain names within your account. In addition, the IDP provides you with a platform to enable registry locks, search for domain availability across 1400+ TLDs, change account access settings, or enable two factor authentication.

On board with Safenames, we make it fast, easy and simple.

Our projects and transfers teams will work with you and your existing providers to ensure your domains are configured properly for transfer. Whether your domains are remaining on their current DNS platform or moving to Safenames’ DNS, we will ensure there is no downtime during the transition. Worried about obtaining DNS zones or authorisation codes from your existing providers? Simply leave it to our team, we can handle as much of the process as you wish.

Dedicated Transfer Manager

A single point of contact at Safenames will work with you through the entire transfer process.

Fully Managed

We will develop the transfer plan and manage the end-to-end transfer process including communication with the registry and your current registrar.

Custom Project Plan

A customised project plan is drafted to ensure that expectations for timing and planned activities for domain transfers are established and met.

No Downtime

Eliminate lost traffic and outages during your transfer.

Transfer Your Domains to Safenames

Need a certain country coded domain but don’t fulfil the requirements?

Safenames provide a valuable solution by automating the ability to add the necessary Local Contact details to domain names during the initial domain registration process. We have a large network of partner companies and subsidiaries, enabling us to register domain names in any country in the world by meeting all necessary registration requirements.

Whether the requirement is a local address or person, registered local company, or a locally registered trademark, Safenames can help.


Fast results

Safenames already has the knowledge and resources in place to fulfil any domain registry requirements on your behalf.

Save time

Eliminate the burden of having to research and perform the administrative work required to form a local presence in an unfamiliar jurisdiction to meet registry regulations.

Save money

Safenames’ Local Contact and Company Formation services are more cost effective than using outside counsel or utilising internal legal resources to accomplish this task.


Safenames has been assisting businesses with local presence and registering companies all over the world for more than ten years, consistently meeting the domain registration needs of our customers.

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