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What is a DDoS Attack?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, which is a type of cyberattack that aims to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server, service, or network by overwhelming it with a flood of internet traffic.

DDoS protection plays an integral role in forming an all-encompassing cybersecurity plan.

What to expect

Securing Constant Service Availability
  • DDoS protection guarantees that your online platforms and services stay operational for legitimate visitors.
  • Real-time detection and mitigation of DDoS threats, we help you avoid service interruptions and ensure your business runs seamlessly.
Upholding Your Business Integrity
  • DDoS protection upholds your brand's reputation and the trust of your customers.
  • DDoS attacks can have a severe impact on your company's credibility.
  • If clients suspect their data might not be safe or your services are unreliable, you risk losing business and income.
Preserving Financial Stability
  • Minimise disruptions, shielding your income sources and contributing to the financial solidity of your enterprise.
  • The aftermath of DDoS attacks often includes significant financial loss, especially for businesses heavily dependent on online transactions
Meeting Regulatory Standards
  • Your Brand can align with industry guidelines, evading possible fines and sanctions.
  • Strict data safety and cybersecurity regulations are prevalent across many industries, sometimes even mandating DDoS protection
  • Safeguard your online presence with Vercara UltraDDoS Protect, one of the world's largest dedicated DDoS mitigation services.
  • Vercara's service can identify attacks and cleanse your internet traffic using countermeasures, techniques, and best practices developed from over 20 years of experience in combating threats.
  • Vercara's carrier-grade global infrastructure is designed to offer exceptional availability, reliability, and scalability, ensuring top-notch protection for your online assets.
  • With a 197 Tbps capacity, Cloudflare's network effectively blocks an average of 112 billion threats daily.
  • Their extensive global network covers more than 285 cities and 100 countries, ensuring attacks are stopped at the forefront.
  • Every second is crucial when defending against an attack. With Minimal latency to 95% of the globe on their Global mesh network
  • Imperva guarantees business continuity by ensuring uptime and preventing any impact on performance. Imperva provides Instant attack notifications Mail, SMS, and mobile app Easy monitoring and Network traffic and application analytics

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