Domain Dispute Resolution

Are cyber squatters damaging your brand?

Whereas traditional firms and Brand Protection Service providers mainly specialise in UDRP disputes, we have recovered domain names in over 98 jurisdictions across multiple dispute policies.

A domain dispute is a legal complaint made on the grounds that a domain name has been inappropriately or illegitimately used. Each case is reviewed by an independent Panel, who has the authority to order the cancellation/transfer of the domain in question.

Our legal team are ready to help you every step of the way.

We have recovered many high profile domain names for our customers including: and

We had been successful in recovering domain names across numerous jurisdictions such as .in .cz .pl and .it

What is the process of a domain dispute?

Step 1.

On receipt of approval from a client, our legal department will conduct a thorough and meticulous case building operation in order to draft a complaint.

Step 2.

Once complete, the complaint is filed with the relevant dispute resolution service provider. Locks are applied on the domain name during the duration of the dispute process to prevent the owner from transferring the domain away.

Step 3.

The dispute process takes on average 60 to 90 days to complete. This may vary depending on the top-level domain.

Step 4.

Once the decision is issued to both Parties, it is shortly implemented and the domain name is either transferred or cancelled, depending on the legal remedy requested.

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