Brand Enforcement

As an extension of your company, we can assist you with implementing a Domain Name and Brand Protection strategy, while adopting your company voice through cease and desist notifications and takedown procedures.

Trademark Infringement

Our cease and desist communications are designed to put the domain holder on notice of our client’s trademark rights, and demand they immediately cease all activities on the website and transfer the domain name(s).

Cease and desist notices are the first step to legal action but the aim is to amicably resolve the issue without the need to proceed further.

These Cease and desist communications aim to enforce your legal rights, and as such, this method of domain retrieval is dependent upon your eligibility and possession of relevant trademarks.

Copyright Infringement

Our legal team work closely with internet service providers to tackle the unlicensed distribution, reproduction and monetization of your copyrighted content. This can take the form of unauthorized copying of images to resell your products or the reproduction of a manufacturer’s logo to falsely imply an affiliation.


Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and even credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity either through email communications or by operating an imitation website. We specialise in shutting down websites and suspending domains used for fraudulent purposes before they have the opportunity to cause damage to your customers.

Counterfeit Goods

Criminals are no longer limited to ‘brick and mortar’ establishments to sell counterfeit goods. The anonymity offered via the internet enables counterfeiters to more easily dupe unsuspecting users into thinking they are buying genuine products. By adopting methods such as trap-purchases and analysis of infringing websites, our legal team can assist with the suspension and identification of websites selling counterfeit goods.

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