Domains Protected Marks List

A DPML – (Domains Protected Marks List) is a cost-effective way to block your brand trademarks from being registered at the second level across many New gTLD extensions.

Why register a DPML?

DPMLs provide the essential service of protecting trademark holders against cybersquatting at a fraction of the cost of defensively, and individually, registering domain names across multiple TLDs.


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When should I register a DPML?

The earlier a DPML block is registered, the more useful it will be. A DPML block does not retroactively rescind third party registration in any New gTLD that launched prior to a DPML registration (i.e., DPML subscribers will be able to block any names that have not already been registered in those TLDs).

Safenames, along with both registries, recommend securing/registering your place on the DPML as soon as possible, as many New gTLDs have already launched. Your goal is to ensure the most complete coverage across all New gTLDs.  

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