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NS1 Managed DNS

Enterprise customers are delivering sophisticated applications to more widely distributed users than ever before. To support this effort, network architects and traffic management teams must ensure that every user has the fastest path to an optimal application experience.

Traditional DNS platforms do very little to improve the user experience or accelerate application delivery.

NS1 combines a resilient network, near distant DNS propagation, and intelligent traffic steering to give enterprises modern controls over the user experience of internet-facing applications.

By modernizing DNS services, NS1 helps enterprises to realize dramatic gains in user experience, IT efficiency, and application reliability

Intelligent Traffic Management

Steer every user to the server, datacenter, CDN, or cloud instance that will deliver the best possible online experience.

Route around infrastructure or capacity problems to increase application availability.

Enterprise Customers

750+ in 46 countries


10's of millions




25 in 6 continents


Protect against DNS hijacking, cache poisoning, and man-in-the-middle attacks with DNSSEC support. The integrity of DNS responses is protected by DNSSEC signing without compromising traffic management or DNS redundancy.

DDoS Defence

Combination of global locations, massively provisioned infrastructure, autoscaling, sophisticated detection, filtering capabilities, and operational readiness drills to protect against attack.

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