Amtivo Case Study

Safenames manages Amtivo domain names

The Challenge

The Challenge

What was the problem?

Over the years, our company has expanded through acquisitions, resulting in a portfolio of over 100 domains spread across multiple registrars. This fragmented system presented challenges, such as missed renewal dates, which led to instances of domain expiration. To enhance our domain management efficiency and mitigate such risks, we aimed to centralise our domains under a single provider.

The Solution

The Solution

What process was taken to solve your problem?

The Safenames team, comprised of highly skilled professionals Rahim, Elliot, and Sanja, who took proactive measures to address our problem effectively. Through diligent communication on behalf of our registrars, they were able to secure the necessary authorisation codes and seamlessly transfer all of your DNS zones. We were relieved from the burden of performing these technical tasks and only needed to provide a list of desired domains and access to the relevant registrars. Furthermore, the team went above and beyond by offering a valuable service to expand your domain presence to countries without a physical presence.


About Amtivo

Amtivo Group offers accredited ISO certifications for management and security. (such as 9001, 27001)

Under our 14 brands we provide international service.

The Result

The Result

Did it achieve what you expected? And how?

The team at Safenames went above and beyond to handle any issues with registrars on our behalf, making the process seamless and stress-free. With their efficient processes, the bulk of our domains was transferred within two weeks, saving us time and effort.

Not only were we impressed with the speed and efficiency of their services, but we also appreciated their attention to detail. Our regular check-ups revealed, we were paying for unnecessary domains, which helped us streamline our domain management. Furthermore, their responsiveness and attentiveness to our needs made them part of our team. Overall, we are thrilled with the results and the level of service provided by Safenames.

Nicolas Kim

IT Technician
Amtivo Group

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