Cushman and Wakefield Case Study

Safenames manages Cushman and Wakefield domain names

The Challenge

The Challenge

What was the problem?

As a global business, one of the problems we faced was the lack of visibility of all our domains. Our domains were being managed by so many different registrars and agents in various countries. We needed to make sure that our domain portfolio was consolidated and visible to other offices and easy to identify.

The Solution

The Solution

What process was taken to solve your problem?

Safenames helped us implement a better process by consolidating our domain portfolio and providing advice on country-specific sub-domains. Having all of our domains in one place with a consistent and knowledgeable account manager who understands our business has made a significant different to how are manage our domain registration process globally.

Having access to the Safenames portal allows us to review domain gaps thus enabling our local colleagues, including affiliates, to retain control of DNS changes as well as restricting transfer. Asset ownership had always been an issue in the past but that was soon identified and rectified.

Cushman and Wakefield

About Cushman and Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield (C & W (U.K.) LLP) is one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world, with approximately 400 offices in 70 different countries.

Cushman & Wakefield’s marketing department oversees the company’s domain names, with over 300 domains managed with Safenames and growing. Cushman & Wakefield were looking for a registrar to consolidate their domains and to help with strategic domain acquisition management plan. They have been using Safenames for almost 10 years.

The Result

The Result

Did it achieve what you expected? And how?

As Head of Digital Marketing EMEA for Cushman & Wakefield, I have been working with Rahim Haji our account manager at Safenames for the past 2 years and have been really pleased with the excellent customer service, expertise and support provided.

Safenames has helped us through complex issues with country related domains. The portal is also great for regional staff to get an overview of domains and to administer DNS changes with ease.

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