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The .gay difference - Secure your .gay today

May 22, 2020, 12:28 PM

The launch of .gay presents an exciting opportunity, with an increase visibility and celebration of LGBTQ people, groups and businesses around the world, clear access to appropriate services and information, and more opportunities to keep LGBTQ communities safe online.

So, join us!

With a .gay domain, you honour decades of history and progress, while inspiring an inclusive, welcoming future for all. For every new domain registered, .gay donates 20% of registration revenue (not just profit!) to address important issues facing LGBTQ communities. .gay are proud to support GLAAD and CenterLink as their inaugural non-profit beneficiaries.

Who is .gay for?

For LGBTQ individuals, organizations and businesses, .gay serves as a virtual Pride flag and inclusive badge of honour.

A .gay domain helps everyone, whether small business, global organization or individual ally, express their support and celebration of LGBTQ communities.

Why add .gay to your domain portfolio?

  1. .gay gives your business and you the opportunity to create your own space for the LGBTQ.
  2. Build more online spaces which represents LGBTQ communities which offers a better online experience.
  3. Directs LGBTQ people and allies to find businesses offering LGBTQ-specific content, which then allows businesses to demonstrate their support of these communities.

*Research has shown

  1. 61% of the LGBTQ community members state they would likely use a .gay because of the value they see for their communities.
  2. 59% of the LGBTQ community members state they see. gay as creating an even better online experience.
  3. 2. 57% of the LGBTQ community members and allies state that they see. gay changing freedom of self-expression for the better.

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*More details can be found in our separate “Audience Perceptions Summary”. Link-

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