nTLD domain names


The Chinese word “移动” means 'mobile'. As more and more internet users 'mobilize'--turning to their mobile divices to surf, transact, search, pay, etc., over their laptop or desktop computers--organizations must also provide mobile friendly content, applications, pages, etc. For companies operating in China, and serving the Chinese communities across the globe, the new .移动 is the perfect domain extension, as it lets customers know that the content will be relevant to finding new mobile technology or services, or that content will be easy to read on a smartphone or tablet.

This new .移动 domain extension is also ideal for businesses providing mobile services and related products. If you are providing mobile applications, data, content, etc., or mobile services and related products, specifically in China or to Chinese communities, the .移动 domain name is ideal for your business. It offers a more more relevant alternative to .mobile because it is written in Chinese. Registering a .移动 domain for your business and/or mobile brand will help you let your customers know exactly who you are and what you do. It strengthens your online identity and boosts advertizing, which will inherently increases search rankings. Be sure to get the .移动 domain name you want before it's taken.