nTLD domain names


Who doesn't love finding a good discount or deal? But discounts are not always easy to find or hear about. The new .discount gTLD is brilliant because it allows companies offering competitive prices (a discount) on sought after items to advertise those discounts, which in turn, makes it much easier for consumers to find the discounts they want. The new .DISCOUNT gTLD is the perfect for businesses that are offering deals to advertise, and for connecting those businesses with the right consumers. Dot discount is also an ideal domain extension for bloggers who write about deals, discounts, bargains, and related topics.

The goal of the new .discount gTLD is to provide a new/better way for businesses offering discounts and competetive pricing to make their website and their discount/sales easily identifiable to their consumers--and to bolster consumer confidence in their brand. Registering a .discount domain extension for your brand will help you grow your business, by letting the world know exactly who you are and what you do--and offer. And it will help enhance advertizing efforts and help you promote your business (and your deals) more effectively online, increasing search rankings. Be sure to get the .discount domain name you want before it's taken.