nTLD domain names


There are nearly 8,000 banks in the US alone--small community banks, credit unions, as well as large, corporate investment firms. And online banking has become the new normal/standard. The new .BANK gTLD extension offers banks of all types and sizes an online place to call home. And because registration of a .BANK domain(s) is limited to banks that are required to pass a vetting process to ensure that the .BANK domain extension is used only by eligible entities and their service partners, users will be able to trust the .BANK pages they visit and log in to as credible, reliable, secure sites.

The goal of the .bank domain extension is to provide a new way for financial companies to better identify their websites with their clients and boost consumer confidence. Registering a .bank domain for your banking business will identify your business to your clients immediately. The use of .bank along with your company name is certain to give your website a strong, secure, and reliable presence on the Internet and instill confidence in your clientele. Be sure to register your .bank domain today.

For more information on .BANK domain availability, please visit https://www.register.bank