nTLD domain names


Hip hop is a form of artistic expression and it has become a movement. Originating in the 1970s in America, hip hop has become a worldwide phenomenon that’s influenced music, art, dance, language, and fashion in a big way. The new .dance gTLD extension is the quintessential gTLD extension for anyone in the dance (specifically hip hop) business. It is absolutely ideal for any individual, group, business, organization, and/or non-profit entity that, by definition, is either a dancer or owns/operates a dance related company.

The goal of the new .hosting gTLD is to provide a new/better way for hip hop dance companies to make their websites easily identifiable to their consumers and clients--and to bolster consumer confidence in their brand. Whether you are a dancer, a performing arts school, a dance company/academy, or sell hip hop dance related gear, regitering a .hiphop domain extension for your brand will help you grow your business, by letting the world know exactly who you are and what you do. And it will help boost advertizing and help you promote your business (or yourself) more effectively online, increasing search rankings. Be sure to get the .hiphop domain name you want before it's taken.