nTLD domain names


HIV and AIDS are two highly frequented topics online. And the new .hiv domain extension has quckly become the Reb Ribbon of the internet. The new .hiv domain extension is to the internet, what the New England Journal of Medicine is to the Medical community. Dot HIV will leverage the Internet to fight the battle against HIV and AIDS. Every registered .hiv domain names will contribute to this global fight/goal--and will shed so much more light on this disease/topic.

The goal of the new .hiv gTDL is to help generate awareness and funds to support the dedicated efforts to fight this disease across the globe--and to share information about the topic HIV/AIDS and work against the stigmatization of people living with the virus.

The new .hiv domain name provides a new/better way for organizations to make their websites easily identifiable--and to bolster confidence in their efforts. Registering a .hiv domain extension for your brand will help you grow your business, by letting the world know exactly who you are and what you do. And it will help enhance advertizing efforts and help you promote your business (or yourself) more effectively online, increasing search rankings. Be sure to get the .hiv domain name you want before it's taken.