nTLD domain names


Buying tickets online is now so popular that many big events sell out before anyone can purchase a ticket at a storefront location. But electronic ticket sales aren’t relegated to big-name events, and .TICKETS provides a TLD for the broad spectrum of ticket sales. The new .tickets domain is the perfect for ticket 'people' and their customers in the fields of entertainment, travel, sport, and destinations of choice. Dot TICKETS is much more than just a name, it’s the ticketing platform built by ticketing people. If you are in the ticket industry you can now use a relevant, memorable domain name that conveys trust and security to your customers.

The goal of the new .tickets gTLD is to provide a new/better way for ticket companies to make themselves and their website easily identifiable to their members--and to bolster consumer confidence in their brand. Registering a .tickets domain extension for your brand will help you grow your business, by letting the world know exactly who you are and what you do--and offer. And it will help enhance advertizing efforts and help you promote your business (and your deals) more effectively online, increasing search rankings. Be sure to get the .tickets domain name you want before it's taken.