nTLD domain names


The term “sucks” is a colloquial term often used/searched when someone is looking for a review, or to post a negative review, for a product, service, business, restaurant, etc. The new gTLD .SUCKS makes it easy for the Internet public to post negative reviews because it created a community for sharing stories, commiserating, and warning other users of scams, phishing, and fraud. But this is bad news for Trademark Holders.

Registering a .SUCKS domain(s) for your brand will help you control the exposure of your Intellectual Property online. Once you register ‘yourbrand.sucks’ you have complete control over this domain—where it resolves, etc. So if you are looking to protect your brand(s) in the .sucks space, registering the .sucks for your brand is your best line of defense.

Be sure to get the .SUCKS domain name you want before it's taken and infringement begins.