nTLD domain names


The use of computers and the internet have changed how people communicate... everywhere. Because we tyep, email, and text more than we interface, we now use short-hand, abbreviations, and emoticons to communicate, making text language a highly expressive and relevant written form. The term ""LOL"" means 'laugh out loud' and the new .lol gTLD extension allows people to take advantage of the popular acronym by allowing individuals, groups, and companies to register this TLD for the purpose of spreading laughter and happiness on the Web. Dot LOL is especially ideal for comedians and anyone wishing to spread laughter through their web site.

The goal of the new .lol gTLD is to provide a new/better way for people to make their websites easily identifiable to their consumers and clients--and to bolster consumer confidence in their brand. Registering a .lol domain name for yourself or your brand will capture more viewers, customers, and prospects, letting them know exactly who you are and just how passionate you are about what you do. And it will also help boost advertizing and help you promote your business (or yourself) more effectively online, increasing search rankings for your business. Get the .lol domain extension you want today, before it's taken.