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Why register .SO?
.so is very catchy and at the same time is also very funny. It has endless possibilities it is really a cool domain name that one can get. It is also very easy to get this domain name as there is no restriction in place. So buy this domain name from safenames and stand out from the crowd.
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Land Rush
Open: Jan 17, 2011 UTC 00:00
Close: Feb 28, 2011 UTC 23:59

Period during which any interested party shall have the opportunity to submit one or more Applications for Domain Names that were not previously registered or applied for during the Sunrise Processes, or otherwise reserved by the Registry or Restricted by this Policy. If more than two Applicants have submitted an Application during this phase for an identical Domain Name, such Domain Name will be registered following the outcome of an auction process.

General Availability
Open: Apr 01, 2011 UTC 00:00

Period following Land Rush where available Domain Names can be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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