.lc Regulations

Requirements & Information

CountrySaint Lucia
Why register .LC?
.LC is the official domain name extension in Saint Lucia. This extension would help you to gain the credibility among your customer. Which will increase your sales. You can buy the .LC extension from safenames.
Available TLDsRequirements

Additional Information

1. Currently domains are registered below the following: com.lc, org.lc, edu.lc and gov.lc.

2. Restrictions on the actual text of domains to be registered will be treated on a case by
case basis.

1. For domain registrations are completed within 2 weeks.
2. Wintrust - ISIS should be notified if there is any change in contact information.

Physical Presence
1. For domains to be registered below LC the administrative contact and billing must be
local contacts in St. Lucia.
2. Domain names can not be "reserved" before the physical presence criteria in 1 above is
3. A third party acting as an agent CAN make a registration on behalf of an entity that resides
outside of St. Lucia.

Conflict Resolution
1. Domain registration are done on a first come first serve basis.
2. Wintrust - ISIS is not liable for any damages or expenses resulting from disputes over
domain name registration.

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