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Additional Information

Any organization outside Jordan may register domain names through a residing agent provided
he has a licensed active office and is authorized to represent the applying organization
in Jordan. In this case, the owner of the domain name is the local office in Jordan.
ISPs (agents) outside Jordan may only register domain names for organization (owners)
who have a local office in Jordan

General Terms & Conditions

National Information Technology Center is the only official approved registrar for the registration and management of Jordanian under(.jo)

1st: Domain Name Registration Under (.JO).
2nd: Deletion.
3rd: Conflicts.
4th: Rejection.
5th: Ownership Transfer.
6th: Change of Name Servers (Domain Porting).
7th: Domain Names Format.
8th: Registration Of Personal Domain Names (.name.jo).
9th: Fees.

Domain Name Registration Under .JO

Domain Name Registration is open and available for all companies/organizations that are resident and registered in Jordan.
The owner of the domain name/ or his representative must be officially registered and licensed upon the licensing procedures adopted in Jordan.
Companies/Organizations outside Jordan can register domain names through a residing agent provided that he has a licensed active office and is authorized to represent the applying organization in Jordan. In this case, the owner of the domain name is the company/organization outside Jordan and not the representative office.
Domain Names may be registered for immediate active usage or for inactive usage (reservation for future use).
NITC will register the names on the basis “first come first serve”. All requests will be processed on equal basis.
The domain name must reflect the whole name of the company/ organization or part of it, derived from it as a whole, or a trade mark owned by the company.
A third party can register the domain name on behalf of the company/ organization if authorized to do so by the owner.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies are required to provide a copy of their legal documents (eg, commercial registration, license, trademark registration, etc...) in order to be able to register on-behalf of other companies and after an authorization letter from the owner.
Submitted domain names should not interfere with the rights of any third party.
The application form in DNS.JO for new registrant must be filled first, attached with the required supportive official documents and certificates.
The administrative contact should be residing in Jordan, while the technical contact can be outside Jordan.
Domain names under .gov.jo must be presented with an official letter from the ministry/public department.
The domain name being registered should not be used for any unlawful purpose or activities not permitted by the Jordanian law.
Domain names must not be registered to be resold again
Registered active domain names must have an operational primary and secondary Domain Name System (DNS) server. Both need permanent IP connectivity to the Internet for queries and zone transfers to be easily checked for operational status and database accuracy at any time.

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To delete an active or inactive registration, a written request by the owner should be sent to NITC.
NITC has the right to delete a domain name with insufficient payment for registration/reservation without notifying the registrant.The deleted domain name will become available for reuse by other applicants.
Failure to pay annual renewal fees on time and after elapse of an ’on hold’ period of 90 days, will result in deletion of the entry without further notice.

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For disputes over a domain name between two or more organizations, NITC exempts itself from all responsibility for the verification of rights to a name. NITC cannot act as arbiter of disputes arising out of this kind of conflict.
It is not NITC’s responsibility to check availability of names in resources that are not Jordanian.
NITC will abide by all court orders without being named as party to a lawsuit.
NITC will not be liable for any interruption of business, or any indirect damages of any kind (including losses of profits) or otherwise.
If legal action is taken regarding the use of a name, NITC reserves the right to revoke, suspend or delete the name as it sees necessary.

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NITC will notify registrant of a domain name, of acceptance, rejection or modification, by the official registration website DNS.JO email. NITC will reject domain name applications, other than format:

If entries in the application form are incomplete.
If domain names are identical with an already registered domain name, locally or globally or obvious name conflicts with another name, trade name, trade mark, service mark, etc.
If domain names do not comply with public ethics.
If domain names are registered in an attempt to resell them again.
If personal names are not supported by legal documents (Commercial registration documents).
If the domain name is misleading and is confusing for users of the internet.
If domain names infringe on the legal right of a third party.
If primary and/or secondary DNS server(s) do not comply or respond properly.

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Ownership Transfer

Transfer of a domain name to another holder should be confirmed by the original holder. The new holder must comply with the new DNS registration rules and NITC has the right to reject the registration if it didn’t fulfill the new registration requirements.

The new holder should submit a new application.

The new registration by the new holder will require transfer fees equals the regular new registration fees.
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If the holder of a domain name wishes to port the domain name from one ISP to another, they can do so free of charge through his account.
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Domain Names Format

A Domain name must consist of ASCII letters (a-z), numerals (0-9) and the hyphen ‘-‘ ONLY.
A domain name must not contain numbers only. ASCII letters are an essential requirement for any ASCII domain name.
The minimum number of characters (ASCII letters, numerals, and the hyphen) used is 2, while the maximum must not exceed 63 characters.
A domain name must start with a letter, and it could end with a letter or numeral. On the contrary, a domain name must NOT start or end with a hyphen ‘-‘.
A domain name must represent the name of the registrant’s organization as registered with the ministry of trade and finance, an abbreviation of its name (not transliteration), or one of its trademarks.
When using a mixture of characters and numerals, the combination must not be confusable with numerals in other numbering systems. For example, 0xFF is disallowed because it represents 255 in hexadecimal.

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Registration Of Personal Domain Names (.name.jo)

- These terms and conditions are restricted for domain names under ".name.jo" ONLY. Registration of the “.name.jo” personal domain names is restricted to natural persons/individuals ONLY; i.e. companies and organizations are not allowed to register under “.name.jo.”

- A registrant must be 18 years old or more for registering a domain. Individuals below this age can register via a guardian. The domain can be ported from the guardian to the minor upon his/her attainment of 18 years

- Jordanian citizens are entitled to apply for the “.name.jo” personal domain names. This service may also be provided to non-Jordanians residing in Jordan

- To commence with the registration process, an individual must come in person to the premises of NITC and provide a photocopy of a his/her National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) for Jordanian citizens, or a photocopy of a valid passport for non-Jordanians

- Registrants of “.name.jo” are legally responsible for their names and their usage as domain names

- It is the sole responsibility of the Registrants to ensure that the “.name.jo” personal domain name applied for does not infringe on any registered trademark and does not violate any intellectual property law, the competition law or any other laws in Jordan

- For disputes over a domain name between several individuals, NITC exempts itself from all responsibility for the verification of rights to a name. However, NITC will suspend the domain name until further official notification of settlement is received.

- Personal domain names under “.name.jo” may not be used for cyber squatting, hoarding, speculative purposes, or any other abusive and unlawful activities not permitted by Jordanian law.

- NITC reserves the right to suspend or terminate the “.name.jo” personal domain name at any time without prior notice to the registrant if, and when, NITC receives any official direction from any Jordanian regulatory or government body.

- Individuals are not allowed to register names that are not their own or on behalf of others. The only exception is a guardian of a below 18 registrant

- An example of what a person could register is as follows. A person called “Mohammad Ahmad Abdallah” can register one of the following domains:

o mohammadahmadabdallah.name.jo

o mohammad-ahmad-abdallah.name.jo

o mohammadabdallah.name.jo

o mohammad-abdallah.name.jo

o mohammada.name.jo

o mohammad-a.name.jo

o mabdallah.name.jo

o m-abdallah.name.jo

o maa.name.jo

o m-a-a.name.jo

o mohammadabdallah1980.name.jo

o mohammad-abdallah1980.name.jo

o mohammada01.name.jo

o mohammad-a01.name.jo

o mabdallah007.name.jo

o m-abdallah007.name.jo

o maa80.name.jo

o m-a-a80.name.jo

Names that are not allowed to be registered are:

o mohammad.name.jo

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