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Domain Names under the net.il hierarchy are available to Israeli Internet Service Providers

Rules for the Allocation of Domain Names
Under the Israel Country Code Top Level Domain ("IL ")

Original version: December 1998
Last update: August 2010

Version 1.4
A. Introduction

The Internet Society of Israel ("ISOC-IL"), a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance the use of Internet in Israel, is the authorized (by IANA) Domain Name Registry ("Registry") of the IL country code Top Level Domain ("ccTLD").
2. A Domain Name is a name registered on the ISOC-IL Registry database and in the global Domain Name System ("DNS"). The allocation of a Domain Name to a holder, grants the holder with a right-of-use for the allocation period, as part of the Domain Name resolution service provided by the Registry. A Domain Name is not subject to proprietary rights and accordingly, the aforementioned right-of-use does not constitute ownership or bestow property rights.

B. Name Space Structure and Syntax Rules

Second Level Domain Names, Allocation of Third Level Domain Names

3.1 Within the IL ccTLD, third level Domain Names ("Registered Domain Name", "3LD") will be allocated within a limited number of second level domains ("SLD") in the following format: <3LD>.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has been running mediation and arbitration panels for a number of years. WIPO has also set up a mediation panel for Internet Domain Names. Their fee schedules can be found at: http://www.arbiter.wipo.int/arbitration/fees/index.html

ISOC-IL does not wish to create such a complex and highly-priced fee structure as WIPO has established. As an initial attempt, ISOC-IL has set the fee for requesting a decision of the Advisory Committee (see Section E of the Rules) at $500. If during the course of processing petitions we feel that this amount is too high or too low, or needs to be set according to the amount of hours the ACP works on each petition, we will issue a fee schedule modification.

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