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Phase 1—Sunrise Period :: Sunrise is currently open and will remain open through April 17, 2014*. The Sunrise Period is open to all existing holders of registered trademarks on Dit HaKI Ministry of Justice and HUMAN RIGHTS of Republic of Indonesia.

Phase 2—Grandfather Period :: Scheduled to open April 21, 2014 and remain open through June 13, 2014*. The Grandfather Period is open to businesses and individuals who have already registered a CO.ID or NET.ID domain.

Phase 3—Land Rush Period :: Scheduled to open June 16, 2014 and remain open through August 15, 2014*. This Land Rush period is open to all citizens of Indonesia who meet the requirements of the terms of use for .ID domain names.

Phase 4—General Availability :: Scheduled to open August 17, 2014*. During the GA phase .ID domains will be registered on a first come, first served basis.

Must provide copy of Indonesia company registration (SIUP / TDP) and a valid ID card / Driving License / Passport.

You could consider to use .web.id (mostly used for personal use) as an option. Some international companies are using .web.id. Application for .web.id does not require company licenses (a passport or valid identification will do).

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