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Why register .dz?
If you conduct business in Algeria it's imperative to have a strong, reliable online presence. Algeria is the tenth largest country in the world after all so it's easy to get lost in the 'search'. Registering a .dz country code extension will increase credibility for your business 'in country'.

Anyone can register a .com domain--and you likely already have the .com. Why not extend your brand presence with a shorter, easier to remember, domain--a ccTLD that differentiates you from competitors. Identify yourself as an official Algerian business owner and give your clients and constituents more confidence as they interact with you online.
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Registrations Procedure

All entities with professional, cultural or associate activities (ministries, public organisms,
academic and research centre, public and private enterprises...) can create a domain under DZ.
The only conditions the requester should respect are:
The main site should be located in Algeria with permanent access
The requester chose a domain name according to the following cases:
permanent connection: the top level name ".dz"can be applied to the domain name created
site hosted by an ISP: A second level must be applied, the requester has to choose among
the following
The Individual names are not accepted by the nic.dz
The proposed domain name must correctly identify the requester or reflect his activity.
The acceptable domain names are:
The full name of the organisation, company or association.
A trademark name.
An existing or new abbreviation of the name of organisation, company or association.
The non acceptable domain names:
The generic names
Two letter names
All names referring to a sector, an activity or a profession
The name referring to the Internet terms
The city and region names
The name that are against public morality

1. What is the correct procedure when applying for a new domain and to whom does one apply ?

3. Is the top level domain available .dz or should one apply for the second level e.g. .com.dz ?

In case of permanent connection, a domaine name is used just under ".dz". A second level (.com, .net, .org, .gov, ..edu, .ass, .pol, .art ...) is applayed if the web site is ISP hosted.

4. Is a local company required ? Is a presence in your country required ?

The attribution of a domain name under dz require a presence in Algeria .

5. Does the domain name need to be the same as the company name or tradmark or can you simply pick your own ?

The domain name must reflect the tradmark or the name of the company.

6. Are multi-domains allowed ?

Yes, the multi-domains is allowed (Other domains can identify the one used with .dz)

7. Is a company documentation required ?

Yes, the company documentation is required and should be supplied to obtain the requested domain name.

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