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Why register .cm?
Cameroon is located in Central Africa and shares borders with Nigeria to the west and north, Central African Republic to the east, and Chad to the northeast. Did you know that Cameroon is home to over 250 native languages and spoken by nearly 25 million people? But the official first language is French.

If you conduct business from within Cameroon, it is time to register a .cm domain extension. Registering a dot 'CM' country code extension (top level domain name) will increase credibility for your business across the globe. Why? Country-code domains are meant specifically for businesses that do business within a particular country--in this case, Cameroon. The .com domain (and other generic TLDs) are not targeted and that online space is saturated--and you likely already have the .com for your business.

Extend your brand presence with a more relevant, shorter domain--a ccTLD that differentiates you from competitors. Identify yourself as an official Cameroonian business owner and give your clients and constituents more confidence as they interact with you online. Country code domains also help you rank higher in local search results.
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Additional Information

The Cameroon NIC has recently announced that the .cm Go-Live will begin on the 18th September 2009 at 08:00am UTC.

Cameroon domains(.cm) will have no restrictions and will be available on a standard registration process. Cameroon domains can be registered for 1 year. The domain extension is proving to be popular because it’s a known misspelling of the main gTLD .com and it has traffic generating potential.

You can register a .cm through Safenames for $110 (plus Admin fee).

For more information or to order an .cm domain name please login to your IDP at: http://secure.idp365.com

These domains can be requested for registration by anyone during sunrise but the domain will be registered to the person with the oldest standing trademark for the domain name.


Is there a local presence requirement to register a .CM domain ?

Do I have to own the .com.cm or .co.cm or .net.cm domain to register
a .CM domain ?

Do I need a trademark to register a .CM domain ?
A trademark is only required during the sunrise period. Thereafter no
trademark is required to register a .CM domain.

What is the minimum number of characters and what is the maximum number
of characters for a .CM domain ?
Min. 2- max. 63 chars

Are numbers only allowed ?

Is the number of domains per registrant limited ?

What is the maximum registration period ?
5 years.

If a domain has expired, when will the domain be made available for
public registration?
Suspend after 2 days
Suspend for 28 days ( only the existing registrant can renew )
Delete after on day 30 - anyone can register

Do you restrict that a domain can only be renewed near the domain
expiration date?

How does the domain transfer between registrars work ?
The system supports EPP polling for EPP enabled registrars, a gaining
registrar requests a name which must be approved by the loosing

Each domain has an Auth Code which only the current registrar can see.
If a registrar gives another registrar or the AuthCode the gaining
registrar can request the transfer via the GUI, if the AuthCode is
presented the name is instantly transferred.
If no AuthCode is presented then it is simply a request.

Is auth code required for the transfer of domains between registrars?
Yes if you want to transfer IN right away, all outbound transfers are
instant. ( a registrar can transfer a now OUT any time )

Can transfer of domains between registrars be initiated any time after a
domain is registered / renewed?

Does transfer of domains between registrars result in an automatic
1-year renewal of domain?

How does ownership/registrant transfers work ?
A registrar can change the registrant anytime.

Can the domain name holder request for deletion of domain name?
The registrars can delete any time, the name holder would request the
deletion via their registrar not directly to the registry.

How long does it take for the domain deletion request to be completed?
Currently 1-2 days, later instantly.

Is the domain immediately made available for registration after it has
been deleted/canceled?
Yes, if a registrar deletes a domain it is instantly available.

The website cannot contain or link to any pornographic material, any website found by the registry containing such information will be removed and no refund will be given for the domain

This extension can be registered without a local office if the client can provide a copy of the trademark for the domain name

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