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Registration And Delegation Rules Of The Second Level's BY Zone Domain Names
Minsk 2000
1. General Regulations
1.1. These regulations state a registration's order and delegation of the second level's domain names (domains) of the BY zone National segment. BY is an official double letters code of Republic of Belarus' according to the international ISO3166-1 standard proved by OUN. Registration's procedure (delegation) of domains is in accordance with recommendations of international organizations providing with Internet - ICANN, IANA net.

1.2. The State Center of the Information Security at President of Belarus (SCIS) is a coordination and the second level BY zone domains delegation body. It is in accordance with a record in data base ccTLD of the leading international organizations providing with addresses and names in Internet ICANN and IANA. The SCIS acts according to the Regulation For State Center of the Information Security at President of Belarus adopted 28 November 2000, ?639.

1.3. The SCIS is an upper level's BY domains Administrator and cooperates with international organizations for working out a policy for registration and distribution of domain names(ICANN, IANA, ccTLD etc.).

1.4. The SCIS is responsible for creation and realization normative documentary along with questions of registration, delegation, and administration of BY zone domain names.

1.5. The "Open Contact" Enterprise is realizing technical administration and supply of central data base of BY zone according to the Agreement and a regulation proved by a record in ccTLD data base of leading international organizations for addresses and domains statement in ICANN and IANA Internet, which approved by Regulations and Rules of the enterprise.

1.6. The SCIS indicates jurisdiction organization which are responsible for technical procedures of the second level's BY zone domains registration (below as technical registrator) according to the recent Regulations and Demands for technical registrators, which are described in the Enclose 1. Cooperation of the BY zone Administrator and the technical registrator is based on two-sides agreement.

1.7. Technical procedures of registration and delegation in BY zone are realized on an agreement base according to the demands of the technical registrator.

1.8. BY zone upper level's domains administration, and registration and delegation of the second level's BY zone are realized in accordance with recent Regulations and Demands of international standards and recommendations (Enclose 5). Using this document one must regard a list of terminology (Enclose 2).

2. An order of the second level's registration in BY Zone
The SCIS provides with the second level's domains' registration in BY zone as well as delegates a right for their administration in accordance with following below conditions of domains' administration in BY zone.

2.1. Registration and delegation of the second level's *.BY is applied for physical and jurisdiction persons of Belarus, as well as foreign ones.

2.2. Physical and jurisdiction persons of Republic of Belarus have a priority in conflict situation for registration and delegation of the second level's domains along with other equal conditions.

2.3. State, governmental, defense and police organizations are recommended to conduct domains' registration of the third level in GOV.BY, MIL.BY zones.

2.4. As choosing a domain's name one is recommended to use an organization or company name from the name of which the reference is. It is necessary to avoid names that coincide with well-known ones and popular trade-marks.

2.5. A declarant has all responsibility for any violations in author right for trade-mark or other intellect priority, as well as for any conflict situation when usage the names of other organizations.

2.6. Domain's name must have not less than 2 (two) letters in Latin/ or figures, as well as must not start or to be finished with hyphen (-).

2.7. Declaration references for domain's registration can be refused or delayed in following situations:

2.7.1. declaration domain's name is already in use, and registrated by other registrator;

2.7.2. declaration domain's name has a vulgar elements/ or words constructions banned by the law of Belarus;

2.7.3. declaration domain's name does not respect item 2.6.

2.8. According to the articles ? 140, 1010, 1011, 1012 Civil Codex of Republic of Belarus an information about a domain's name in BY zone's registrator, without official permition, is confidential and not published.

2.9. Registrator must realize its activity to use domains in BY zone in accordance with legislation of Republic of Belarus and recent Rules.

2.10. In case of recent Rules' violation by registrator or registrantor (declarator) of the second domains in BY zone the SCIS has a right to refuse delegation or registration.

2.11. In case of force major: element (storm, flood, fire, earthquake etc.); war or combat affairs the SCIS is not responsible for violation in BY zone working.

2.12. Registration and delegation of the second level domains of *.BY are realized automatized based on electronic declaration references (electronic registration).

2.13. Electronic registration of domains needs following:

2.13.1. A declaration name's checking to make it open for registration in the search service on the technical registrator's server dealing with the central data base of BY zone.

2.13.2. Choose and filling up a needed form on the technical registrator's server, as well as sending a full form to the BY zone's Administrator.

2.13.3. Administrator of BY zone regards a declaration within 5 working days from the moment of sending electronic form. Decision on each declaration goes accordingly to the technical registrator.

2.14. A declarator (registrant) must finish all procedures according to the technical registrator's demands within one month after positive decision adoption.

3. Redelegation of the second level's domains in BY zone
Redelegation means that one registrant (declarator) gives the right for domains' administration to the other one.

3.1. Redelegation of rights for administration the second level's domains in BY zone is in charge after written declaration of a recent registrant only, and when a new registrant proved it (Enclose 3). Additionally to the declaration a reference-form must be according to the form (Enclose 4).

3.2. Within one month after positive decision for redelegation a new registrant must realize all procedures according to the technical registrant's demands. If those demands are not procedured the declaration is refused.

3.3. After all demands mentioned in items 3.2 - 3.3 are procedured an accordinate modification of records for redelegation domain is procedured as well as all service in BY zone.

4. Administration of domains in BY zone
4.1. A registrated domain's conduction is realized by technical registrators and registrants according to the recent Rules, Recommendations for domains administration of international organizations concerning distribution of Internet's names and addresses ICANN, IANA (Enclose 5) and additional Rules of administration domains of the third an further levels which are created when necessary by definite domain's administrator.

4.2. The second level administrator must have a needed degree of competence for domains and their procedures in accordance with international recommendations RFC-1032, 1033, 1034 and 1591; RIPE-007, 105, 114 (a list of leading international documents see Enclose 5).

4.3. When necessary procedures recommended in declaration of DNS-servers are not valid within one month the declaration is refused. Further the registrant may address again on common conditions.

4.4 Registrant of the second level in BY zone must inform in time the technical registrator about all changes in work of his abonents (changes of organization's names), IP-addresses, DNS-servers, changes in management etc. A technical registrator in turn runs information of BY zone Administrator about changes by putting down records into the central database.

Enclose 1

Demands to Registrat of domains in BY zone
1. Only jurisdictional person of Republic of Belarus has a right to be a technical registrator.

2. Technical registrator must have a special license from the SCIS for assembling, testing, service support of soft-ware means of information protection and control for its security.

3. Technical registrator must give an access of calculation means and registration's data unit of domains for the SCIS' specialists to run periodical tests of coordination with recent Rules and technical demands.

4. Technical registrator must have a personal Internet-unit including following minimum informational serveces and subsystems:

e-mail subsystem;
DNS subsystem;
Web-server subsystem;
RRP-data base subsystem.
5. Information exchange with central database of BY zone during domains' registration, and putting an changes into names, is procedured according to the deeper RRP-protocol.

6. Technical registrator must accurate and reliably serve secondrate zone of DNS system for BY domains on his calculation resources.

7. Calculation system of the technical registrator must provide with following:

7.1. to be up to recommendations of IETF RFC 1035 and IETF RFC 2181;

7.2. to provide with time reaction for request during recent hard work - not more than 2 seconds in stuff regime;

7.3. to have not less than one unit of doubling technician tool providing with an enter time into work of reserve system as soon as 2 minutes when it stopped;

7.4. to treat net requests without violations of functions of systems, which frequency is two time bigger than pick means;

7.5. system, that serves secondrate zone BY domain, must not be used for other services' functions including for other DNS zones assistance.

7.6. configuration of DNS subsystem must not make cash of data.

8. Technical registrator's net, where DNS system is, must have a status of a global routization object registrated in international organizations and open in Internet.

9. Stop working in DNS system by technical registrator more than for two minutes must be coordinated with other technical registrators for fixing any violations in BY zone.

10. DNS system, providing secondrate BY zone, must answer requests from any correct IP-address. Temporary blockades of the system's reactions are allowed only for IP-addresses, activity of net-requests of which might call its violation in working.

11. Secondrate DNS system must provide with renew information from the initial DNS data base not less than once in 24 hours.

12. Technical registrator must provide with reliable working and 24 hours non stop control for complex of added servers.

13. Calculation means and communication tools providing with working of DNS system must have non stop electricity charge.

14. Data base of the technical registrator of registrating domains must coordinate to following:

14.1. to have contact data about domain's Administrator;

14.2. to have an information about domain's delegation terms;

14.3. to have an archive information about each declaration. Archive is held during all the time of the technical registrator's activity;

14.4. to provide the administrator, a service of technical support, and Administrator of BY zone with permitted access to the data base;

14.5. to provide with facility to change data about domain (a list of DNS-servers, administrative and contact information about domain's Administrator) according to the declarations of domain registrant;

15. Technical registrant must run a complex of organization-technical procedures for registrant's information protection in aim to provide with an open and safe character of registrated (delegated) domain name, and confidential of necessary information.

16. The following procedures should be held on all servers of informational services and subsystem:

16.1. the servers must assist protocols and added services which are aimed for realization only general server's aim. Assistance in other protocols and added services are not permitted;

16.2. removed server's conduction must be realized with usage of protected net protocols;

16.3. checking an authority of the administrator should be held on base of authentificational information;

16.4. all safety events should be obligatory audited and protocoled. Audit system must have indication's change of system hours from normative ones not more than 2 seconds;

16.5. reserve daily copy of information must be held, which provides with a safe and full data recall in case of computer's fails;

16.6. machinery, that is included into the stuff of the domains registration unit, must be provided with conditions for to stop not permitted access (to be in a single hall, closed room etc.);

16.7. calculation means of the domains registration unit stuff must work in a single segment of calculational net;

16.8. domains registration unit must have means of transnet screening and filtration;

16.9. a map of general and double apparat's entering in the net of the technical registrator must provide with not more than 2 minutes long of DNS service's break for access;

Enclose 2

Domain name (domain) - a space area of hierarchical names of Internet which is served by row of domain names' servers (DNS) and centralized administrated.

Domain registration - organized and technical procedures necessary for working domains within international Internet system.

Domain delegation - recording the domain's data in BY zone and transferring a right for its administration to an organization (jurisdictional person) which information is indicated in the field of administrative contact.

Domain administration - a procedures unit for organized-technical support of domain's work, and an order of its usage.

Redelegation of domain - technical procedures for giving the rights of domain's administration to other organization (jurisdictional person).

Reservation of domain - technical procedures for domain name's registration on organization-technical registrator's servers.

Technical procedures - unit of work for providing domains servers with their functions, intime available modification and information needed for domain's work, as well as technical support of base and assistant registrator's unit.

Domain's level - quantity of components in domain name devided by ".".

Technical registrator - jurisdictional person who gives necessary for registration and delegation service to users (registrants), as well as makes realization of technical support to run these procedures.

Registrant (client) - a person who uses domain name and is an owner of it. Domain Administrator is also a registrant of the name.

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