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Why register .ar?
Argentina--known for its gourmet restaurants, world-class arts and museums, fine retail shopping, a cutting-edge music scene... it's rich in culture, but also boasts the highest number of psychologists per capita in the world! But did you know--Argentina has also had two female presidents! So if you are lucky enough to conduct business in Argentina--regardless of what you do--it's crucial that your online presence is strong and reliable. It's so easy to get lost in the 'search', but registering a .ar country code extension will increase visibility and credibility for your business online.

Why register a country-code top level domain name? Anyone can register a .com domain. Why not extend and strengthen your brand presence with a shorter, easier to remember, 'in-country' domain--a ccTLD that differentiates you from competitors, and helps your clients and constituents find you online. Identify yourself as an official business owner in Argentina and give your clients more confidence as they interact with you online.
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To complete COM.AR domain name registration, You will need to provide Local contact address in Argentina to confirm you are a Company registered in Argentina. Maximum of 19 characters. The NIC now state that one registrant cannot register more than 200 doamins, if they want to have more than 200 domains the registrant will have to provide documents to support their request.

Require the CUIT and Tax Code.

To complete ORG.AR domain name registration, You will need to provide
documentation to confirm you are an Non Profit Organizations in Argentina

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