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Registrations may be only for organizations having legal representative inside the territory of Albania.
Documents proving the official registration in Albania should be required. Applications for registration
are distributed on request by ART or can be retrieved from the Local NIC web sites.
The official representative of the organization should sign applications.
The applicant should define the domain name. Each organization may have not more than one domain
name registered under the appropriate primary subdomain name. The name should be a character
combination being undoubted identifier or in connection with the applicant. The document proving
this connection may be enclosed with the application.

The top level country-code domain AL and its primary subdomains (see hereunder) Administrator is the Authority for Regulations of Telecommunication in Albania (ART)

The top level country-code domain AL is kept by the Istituto per le Applicazioni Telematiche (IAT), Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerce, in Pisa - Italy, as a temporary technical solution under the attention of Francesco Gennai.

Local NIC are responsible for technical registration of subdomain names under AL.

Domain name registration under .AL may be done in one of primary subdomains:

.GOV.AL for government institutions

.EDU.AL for academic and R&D institutions

.ORG.AL for non-government organizations

.COM.AL for enterprises & commercial organizations

.NET.AL for organizations dedicated on networking

Names directly under .AL cannot be registered.

Several specific names directly under .AL are kept for continuity and historical purposes: uniti.al, tirana.al, soros.al, upt.al, inima.al.

Local NIC responsible for primary subdomains are:

.GOV.AL and

.COM.AL and

.EDU.AL and

.ORG.AL and

.NET.AL ...

Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (INIMA)

For terms and conditions please visit:


Dispute Resolution
27.1 In any event of dispute or conflict created directly or indirectly, between a
possessor and any other interested party related to the registration of a domain
name in compliance with the Regulation, for their resolution the claimant shall
abide by one of the alternative solutions as defined in the Albanian legislation in
a) To any district court of law in compliance with the law “On organization of
judicial system”; or,
b) To any Arbitral form and Mediator regulated by law in the Republic of Albania.
27.2 In any case of possible dispute or conflict between parties, about cases related to
domain names, the Responsible Authority keeps to the principle of neutrality. The
Responsible Authority is set in action only in cases foreseen in the law, like
safeguarding confidentiality or protection of personal data, etc.
27.3 As an exception to the posteffect
principle, the choice of the procedure to resolve
a conflict will be applied to all domain names registered until the moment this
Regulation enters into force.

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