Adult Block

Block your domain in the adult space.

Domain Blocking

Domain blocking is a necessary component of your brands online strategy. As a business, it is in your best interest to make sure that you are not impersonated. Fraud is not only bad for your customers who may get swindled, but also for your company in lost revenue and reputation. Whether or not it is technically “your fault” that someone used your name for immoral purposes, your brand can suffer a hit to its reputation and loss of revenue.

Your Trademark may be registered, your branding and communications strategy consistent, but have you given thought to how cyber criminals might use your good name to illicitly extract money and data from employees and customers, without raising a hint of suspicion. An accent mark is quick to dismiss as a dust mark on our mobile phones as opposed to a ‘á’. One tiny mark is all it takes to spoof users to a look-alike website. For Example: Bank Banκ BanК Bank BÄΝΚ BÄΝК Báɴk Báɴk Báɴκ Bânk Bânk Bânκ BânК Bänk Bɑnk Bɑnk

A new method of protecting your brand has arisen

The Adult Domain Blocking service allows brand owners to block terms either already registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) or already registered in the Sunrise B program. The Adult Domain Blocking service ensures the registered term will be blocked in all four TLDs .adult .porn .sex and .xxx.

AdultBlock+ Features

Block trademark labels across all 4 TLDs (.adult, .sex, .porn, .xxx) Block premium domain names Block variant Labels in your SMD File and Sunrise B .xxx names. Block Unicode variant names – homographic protection in 24 languages (e.g. Bank, BÄΝΚ, ßank)

AdultBlock+ Benefits

Protects your brand from abuse and cyber squatting Covers available names and future registrations will be automatically blocked Cost effective brand protection, blocks look-alike variations similar to the trademark term Saves you money – block across all four extensions at an economical price For brands wanting to protect their marks, their business and their customer experience, Adult-Block+ provides the highest level of protection by including all look-alike variations in one simple package.

Enquire now about AdultBlock, you’ll discover:

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