Bot Mitigation

Bot Management

Not all bots are bad, there are good bots which your website relies on. That is why we have teamed up with multiple partners to offer you an effective solution in eliminating bad bots. We can defend your online applications against persistent bots that would otherwise attack, abuse and misuse your websites and APIs. Every industry is affected by bots and every company has unique bad bot problems, if you have a website with a login screen, you are likely to be hit by a bot-driven account takeover attack.

Bots can and probably do target your sites. Scraping content, , creating false accounts and causing havoc with false bookings or utilising stolen credit cards. Your competitors will use bots to undercut prices on ecommerce sites, hoard seats on airline flights, and scalp the best concert tickets.

Bot Mitigation

The top five targeted industries are:

  • 1.Financial - 42.2%
  • 2.Ticketing - 39.3%
  • 3.Education - 37.9%
  • 4.IT & Services - 34.4%
  • 5.Marketing - 33.3%

Key Benefits

  • Prevent fake accounts and credit card fraud.
  • Mitigate account takeover attacks.
  • Minimise content theft.
  • Reduce infrastructure and downtime.
  • Lower click fraud and increase conversion rates.
  • Decrease spam to your website.

Is it time you protected your website, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats?

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