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Are you looking to lower your telecommunication costs?

Businesses in the United Kingdom are now able to significantly lower their telecommunication costs by registering their phone number with a (+44)ENUM at Safenames. The fastest way to activate your ENUM is through Safenames.You can register and have your ENUM validated with a single company.Once you have your ENUM registered your VOIP phone system can connect directly to other VOIP phone systems to minimize your telecommunications expense. And this is just the beginning for ENUM, as more applications are expected to be developed quickly for ENUM.

So What Exactly is ENUM?

ENUM (E.164 Number Mapping) is a globally approved standard protocol that allows traditional telephony systems that work on a switched network to connect to modern Internet Protocol based networks, VOIP networks to connect directly with other VOIP networks and the ability to run Internet based applications by turning a phone number into a domain name. It also transforms a telephone number into a universal identifier for an individual or a businesses across a wide spectrum of communication mediums such as voice (VOIP), e-mail, fax, wireless, SMS, and other location based services that use the Internet.

What are the benefits of  ENUM?
  • Standard method to link different Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers with each other
  • Turns the key pad on a traditional switched phone system into a powerful tool that performs services such as Voicemail system message exchange, faxing or Instant Messaging over the Internet
  • Greater control over how an Internet user can choose to have someone communicate with them
  • Decreases telecommunications expenses by leveraging more efficient and cost effective technology

Please contact us to learn more about how ENUM can be used to enhance your communication capabilities and decrease your costs.