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Consultation and Outreach Sessions

Beginning in June and concluding in early August, ICANN initiated a series of Global Consultation and Outreach events. The initial locations for these events were Sydney, New York, London Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. The events were designed in a wide range of formats to address different community needs for those that have an interest in the New gTLD program and in the development of the Applicant Guidebook.

There were live consultations in Sydney, New York, and London and outreach/education events in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. The consultation events were particularly designed as part of a process to develop workable solutions to some of the outstanding issues; particularly trademark protection and malicious behavior. The attendees met with ICANN staff and heard from those who have contributed to the ongoing process, including members of the Implementation Recommendation Team (IRT) that submitted their report to the ICANN Board on measures to protect intellectual property. The participants of the consultation events had the opportunity to express their thoughts during an open mic session and also in writing via feedback forms specifically designed for these events. The consultation events in Sydney, NYC and London had between 150 and 180 participants. All events were broadcasted via Adobe Connect as well and remote participation in the chat room varied from 25 to 40 participants.

The presentations and supporting materials used during these events have been posted at a dedicated events site: Recordings transcripts, as well as audio and video are available.

Staff is working on summarizing the feedback received during these three consultation events and will be publishing the summary to the public shortly.

The outreach events in Hong Kong (24 July) and Abu-Dhabi (4 August) focused mainly on the New gTLDs and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) program details. There was also an update on the current policy work. Hong Kong event had approximately 180 attendees and Abu Dhabi 40.

Additional locations for outreach/education events in Latin America and Africa are under consideration as well as a series of topic-specific webinars.